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Stewart Legacy - Prologue

So. Yeah.

Disregard the preceding post, because the whole idea has been shelved until I can think of some more concrete ideas for it. xD I promise it's not gone forever, it just needs to be examined with far more scrutiny than I originally presumed.

Instead, I bring you the following!

Angst and death, for story/memory purposes; because I have no idea how to edit memories, so I had to do this manually.

Because all of my other projects just weren't enough!Collapse )
Recently I had a rather grandiose idea involving creating some CC of my own.

I've recolored quite a few objects already (the 4x4 Chandelier, the piano, and a few other things), but I decided what I was really sick of...Was wall colors.

You can pretty much shove any hardwood floor in a house and match it to any wallcovering you have, but if you don't have any decent wall colors...Then what? I have, personally, downloaded a metric ton of colors for walls, but sometimes they just DON'T WORK.

I mean, I love Pooklet, and I love earthtones...But sometimes there needs to be a midway.

So I've set about a project for myself. I call it:

Home Improvement Wars

Using the colors from Lowe's Waverly by Valspar, Glidden by Home Depot, and perhaps some selections from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, I'm intent on making a massive superset of colors, in a few different styles, to hopefully match any choice of decor.

Will I succeed? Who knows! I only just started this morning, and have completely about a dozen colors out of the multiple HUNDREDS I'd like to do...

So who knows! We'll just have to wait and see where it goes~


After that last floorplan kind of let me down as far as design went, I decided to take some time and try another, much different approach to how I put together the houses.

This one, I built in-game before mapping, so I could really get a decent feel for it, and flesh out all the tweaking I needed to do. I think it turned out really, really well, and rather nicely furnished, even though I pretty much chucked the interior together on a whim.

Click here to see the plans, screenshots, and any recommended CC.Collapse )

As I said, I really enjoyed making this floorplan, and I love the way it looks; especially on the outdoors! Go nuts, and remember that my typical floorplan rules apply!


This floorplan, while I do like it, is not one of my personal favorites. I'm not a fan of the size of the bedrooms, but I suppose for a bunch of independent teens (via InTEEN) or for a group of [young]adults trying to make a living to buy their own places and move out, it would probably be pretty good!

Since I don't have any expansions, this might also be useful in some other ways I'm not aware of. :O So, you never know!

Click here to see the plans, screenshots, and any recommended CC.Collapse )

I hope you have a lot of ideas for this one, because I kind of drew a blank while I was building it. I blame the heat~

Sims CC Resource List [W.I.P]

So I was asked the other night by a friend to see if I could get him a list of "awesome stuff" that I use in my game. I have no problem doing so, but unfortunately...I'm not entirely sure on a lot of it WHERE I got it from! So, I figure, I'll get the list made up, and then try and find links for it at a later time.

That being said, if the Google-fu is strong within you, you can probably find a lot of it yourself. :P

Please bear in mind: Most, if not all of these things, are basegame compatible, so as long as you have no conflicts, they should work fine with any game configuration.

The List Beneath The CutCollapse )



As I promised a couple of days ago, here's the first of a few new floorplans I'm looking forward to posting!

This one was just kind of thrown together on an empty lot, so you won't see any Sims ambling around in the screenshots this time. :P The decor leaves MUCH to be desired as per my typical standards, but either way I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

The floor itself is 16 spaces wide, and 6 spaces deep, so it SHOULD be able to fit on either a 2x2 or 1x3 lot. Please let me know if I'm incorrect in thinking so!

Click here to see the plans, screenshots, and any recommended CC.Collapse )

There's a lot more than you can do with these plans than I really did, so you should absolutely feel free to experiment a but and see what you can do with it!

Laune Legacy - Generation 2.4

Okie dokie, so...

It's about 2:45am here, since it took me forever to get enough shots to form a decent-sized update, and even now I only have 49 rather than my target of 60+. Reason being, I stopped a little early so I could throw together a few more Sims to stick in my neighborhood as potential spouses for the Legacy. I'm not going to do any screens of them like I did the last couple batches, mainly because I'm lazy and they don't have a house. :P

But, I would like to note that I'll hopefully be posting a few floorplans here over the next couple of days, instead of posting any Legacy updates. I'm going to sit down with my graph paper and go wild. xD If I wasn't a completely lazy bitch, I'd move the Legacy over to my Dreamwidth or my Blogspot, just to get it out of the way. But, alas...I am a completely lazy bitch, so whatevs~


The all-knowing panda knows all.Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 2.3

You know, normally I can finish up getting together and cropping/resizing the pics for an update within a day, but apparently this one wanted to give me some trouble. I just couldn't seem to get enough really decent shots, so it took me two days to pull the whole thing off.

Well, that and I was recoloring that silly-ass basegame piano, and experimenting a little bit. :P

None this time, methinks...

It's 1:30am and I'm just starting this.Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 2.2

Hey, everyone mark the calendar! It's been two entire days in a row where I was able to flog the charger for the computer into submission! :D

Not that I'm getting used to it, but whatevs.

Old fogies within!

Half of the pics this update are popups...Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 2.1

FREAKING FINALLY. DX I'm sorry I've been neglecting this for so long, but a lot of computer troubles (including but not limited to viruses, breaking power cables, nonchargeable batteries, and dying cooling fans) kept me from even remotely having the ambition to try and play the Sims. As it is, it's 4am and I'm awake with stomach pains and sitting on the floor, very gingerly working around an incredibly finicky charger cable. YAY.

Anyway, let's get a move on, shall we? It's a little short this time (around 42 pics, I think), but just the same...

Some woohoo within!

YAY GEN!2 ZOMG!!!1!one!1!!Collapse )

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For floorplans tagged with "cc recommended", there is a certain piece of custom content which we personally found invaluable to the design of the house. While not required, it's highly recommended, as major tweaking may be necessary to build upon the floorplan without it. Any recommended custom content will be listed in the post, and will be linked to where applicable.

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