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As I promised a couple of days ago, here's the first of a few new floorplans I'm looking forward to posting!

This one was just kind of thrown together on an empty lot, so you won't see any Sims ambling around in the screenshots this time. :P The decor leaves MUCH to be desired as per my typical standards, but either way I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

The floor itself is 16 spaces wide, and 6 spaces deep, so it SHOULD be able to fit on either a 2x2 or 1x3 lot. Please let me know if I'm incorrect in thinking so!

RED - Line these up on each floor to properly align as you build upward
X - Spaces occupied by stairs
= - Doubled lines as walls are meant to be doors/gates

First Floor:

Second Floor:

Additional Notes:
01.) Since this floorplan should fit on a 2x2 lot, it's possible for you to turn the floorplan so that the house runs front-to-back, rather than side-to-side. This will give you room for a yard on the side, rather than hidden behind the house in the back.
02.)If you decide to leave the house running parallel to the front sidewalk, you could easily install a door in the back wall to reach an attached back yard, where additional skilling items can be kept, as well as a pool and/or outdoor dining.
03.) The upstairs does, in fact, extend one space farther than the downstairs. Simply add 1-story pillars to the ground outside and place flooring across the front of the house to be able to lay walls out that far. Once you're done, turn on the "moveobjects" cheat and remove the pillars!
04.) I, personally, put the trashcan in the space I have marked as red on the downstairs floor, to keep it out of the way in its own little niche.

There's a lot more than you can do with these plans than I really did, so you should absolutely feel free to experiment a but and see what you can do with it!

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Use the tags below to help find what you're looking for. For example, start by clicking on "bedrooms: 2", and then use the search function on your browser (CTRL+F in most cases) to search for "bathrooms: 2" or some such to find 2 bedroom houses with 2 baths.

Floorplans are also listed with the MINIMUM lot size as a tag (width x depth). In other words, if you click on the tag "3x3", the floorplans you find will all fit on lots 3x3 or larger.

You can also tell whether or not a floorplan is designed to be built on a foundation by simply checking for the "foundation" or "no foundation" tags on the post.

For floorplans tagged with "cc recommended", there is a certain piece of custom content which we personally found invaluable to the design of the house. While not required, it's highly recommended, as major tweaking may be necessary to build upon the floorplan without it. Any recommended custom content will be listed in the post, and will be linked to where applicable.

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