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Laune Legacy - Generation 1.8

I swear, gathering all of the images for this update not only took me all night a couple of days ago, but all day today as well. :| For some reason, time just didn't seem to want to pass fast enough in-game to really get anywhere, and it started to drive me bonkers after a while.

But, at the very least, a lot was finally accomplished in this update, with significantly less meaningless pictures than usual. Hurray!

Whoohoo, a wedding, and more whoohoo within!

Next update will finally start Gen!2...Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 1.Extras 3

Well, for the moment the other netbook doesn't seem to be blowing up, so I played a bit of Sims over the last couple days! Hooray!

In light of the (hopefully) cleanup, I decided to go ahead and redo the Laune Legacy's house. Admittedly, I shouldn't have done as much as I did, but I was glad to have my game back, so they got a couple of motherlode cheats dropped on them to furnish the place, but I intend on dropping them back down to §10000, which is about what they were at before I spammed them with cash.

Since it took me ages just to get the place redone, today I'll just bring you an overview of the family's winter makeovers, and their new and highly improved abode.

Too much money spent within!

Thanks to HimochiKouen for the floorplan, oh yes...Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 1.7

I finally managed to get around to really playing out some more of the Legacy, and I'm actually pretty pleased with the actual length of it. I don't mean length in pictures, but length in the amount of time I played. I took fewer pictures of meaningless things, so I was able to bang out over a week's worth of stuff game-time.

I'm so happy with myself, oh yes.

Teen-on-adult flirting and smooching within!

* NOTE *
I had an idiot moment while cropping some of these images. Please forgive the remnants of the red pause frame at the bottom. X[

Amazingly enough, there are no mentions of Jeffrey Dahmer within...Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 1.Extras 2

Yep, another day of "I want to play The Sims, and work on the Legacy somehow, but not actually play the Legacy." I know, it's lame of me, but still...It's not like I'm neglecting it ENTIRELY! If I wasn't playing at all, I'd find myself a complete loser too, so there. :P

So, today I decided to take my first romp into downloading Sims to see if they work in Life Stories, and sure enough...They do! I stalked around the latest two pages of founder collections at pixel_trade and came out with a few I really liked. I'll have to head back over there tomorrow or the next day or something and snag some more. :O

Anyhow, here are four of the laydeez I downloaded from over there and decided to use as possible spouses for the Legacy. Some of them are very slightly tweaked by way of skin tone and/or eye color, but their facial structure remains the same. I wrought havoc upon their suggested/designated stats too.


And now, for your enjoyment, the girls~Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 1.6

Been running around like a chicken missing its head for the last few days, on top of not feeling very well, so I went a while without playing the Legacy at all. I decided today that I missed it, so I started 'er up and played through another few days!

Bitchy little children within!

This banner was going to be a little different, but it printscreened weird.Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 1.Extras 1

Since I truthfully didn't feel like actually playing the Legacy today, and because I spent all day furnishing a massive new floorplan I'm going to map sometime soon to post, AND because I realized there was no one for the heir to breed with marry, I decided to take the time to make some possible spouses for them!

I figure since I won't be aging them to elder, these guys will work for this generation and future ones, even though I'll be adding one or two each time a new heir takes over. I need to make some women too, but I had too much fun building them a house I'll never play now that I went through all that trouble...

My poor attempts at "unique" Sims within!

So for today, I bring you, the boys~Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 1.5

A somewhat smaller update tonight, since I was getting a tad frustrated with my Simmies this afternoon, and started to develop a wicked stomach ache not too long ago...Enjoy, just the same.

Whoohoo (and the results thereof) within!

Yes I was lazy and used a screenshot from this update for the banner.Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 1.4

This update will probably seem a little sporadic, and disjointed...Truthfully, I just really wanted to make some progress, but I wound up taking way more pictures than necessary for what little bit actually happened/was accomplished. I'll try and make up for it with some commentary! :\

Probably a fair amount of foul language within!

This banner is actually part of a shot from the NEXT update...Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 1.3

I finally got around to fixing the other two update banners to read properly as "Generation 1.#", so now that I've done that, I can keep up with using the proper numbering system. So, here we go!

Wedding night whoohoo within!

I'm so happy with this whole update~Collapse )

Laune Legacy - Generation 1.2

Since I finally managed to get InTEEN working properly (as best I can tell), I decided to go ahead and put some more time into one of my Legacies today. Luckily, once again, things went really well! I really wish all of my other Sims were this cooperative and well-rounded...

Each time I do this, I take more pictures than the last time...Collapse )

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