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Sims CC Resource List [W.I.P]

So I was asked the other night by a friend to see if I could get him a list of "awesome stuff" that I use in my game. I have no problem doing so, but unfortunately...I'm not entirely sure on a lot of it WHERE I got it from! So, I figure, I'll get the list made up, and then try and find links for it at a later time.

That being said, if the Google-fu is strong within you, you can probably find a lot of it yourself. :P

Please bear in mind: Most, if not all of these things, are basegame compatible, so as long as you have no conflicts, they should work fine with any game configuration.

Lines with "---" note that I do in fact have these in game, but I'm unsure who/where they came from.


          Simply Styling
          Moune's Neighborhood
          Garden Of Shadows
          Fresh-Prince Creations

Hacks & "Fixes"
     Minor Fixes
          Ribs On The Grill

          Childhood Crushes
          InTEEN (NL Version)

     Full-Blown Hacks
          InSIM (OBJ Edition)

Default Replacements
          -memories- by niloublue

          Looking For Group by juri_anne

     Baby Bottle

     Baby Outfit

Makeup & Genetics

          -memories- by niloublue

          Freckles by niloublue
          Heart Swells by pooklet

          Bruno @ MTS2

     Piercings As Makeup
          Shadylady @ MTS2

     Facial Hair
          Stache Blast by Phaenoh @ MTS2
          Barber Cut by Nymphy @ MTS2

          Pretty much all over!

          Hoops & Recolors from MTS2

          tamo's glasses from MTS2

          Sims4Rent Long Nails & Recolors from MTS
          Jacket @ MTS2
          Necklaces by TheAliceCat

Clothes (By Creator)


          Billie Lith


Clothes (By Item)
          The Strawberry Patch by ???
          Toddler Swimwear by ???
          Overalls That Go Over All by kalynn06

Buy & Build Mode (By Creator)
          Hysterical Paroxysm


Buy Mode (By Item)
          Kitchen Basic by Buggybooz
          The Scarborough Collection by RGiles
          Extendable Dining Table by mia86
          The Grand Trianon Loft Set by The Dream Team
          Student Storage by CTNutmegger
          Wrought Iron Dining by tbudgett
          Castillo Patio Set by Cmomoney
          Spiffy Spa by Honeywell
          Toy Mirror by Boblishman & Numenor
          Bits-O-Wood Toy Garage by ???
          Kiddie Pool by Echo
          Wedding Cakes by Eris3000
          Place Anywhere Chess Set by ???
          Build-A-Curtain Set by ???
          Country Clocks by khakidoo
          Mix-&-Match Canvas Art & Frames by HugeLunatic
          Bus Stop & Phonebooth by Maylin
          Ferris Wheel by ???
          Modular Flower Beds by MaryLou & Numenor
          Fountains by jon119

          Bentform Living by MsBarrows
          Children's Climbing Wall by Solfal
          Children's Slide by Solfal
          Plant Add-Ons by Mutske
          Wall Shelves by BitzyBus
          Garden Flag by ???
          Custom Christmas Tree Set by Solfal

          Place Anywhere LCD TV by ???
          Bedding-Slave Blankets by Jonesi & ???
          Bedding-Slave Rugs by ???
          Rugs by Echo

Build Mode (By Item)
          Walls by KHLVH, MissPiggi, JLonier, himwara106, & reflects
          Floors by iCAD, & kittyispretty
          Extendable Arches by tbudgett
          "Ascension" Elevator Stairs by Targa
          FULLY ANIMATED Spiral Stairs by Marvine
          FULLY ANIMATED Ladder by Marvine

          Oliviera Buildset by estatica
          Lakeside Buildset by ???
          Various others

          Wall Cutouts by Tiggy027
          Stair Wall Fix "Windows" by ???



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( 1 comment — Leave a comment )

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