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Recently I had a rather grandiose idea involving creating some CC of my own.

I've recolored quite a few objects already (the 4x4 Chandelier, the piano, and a few other things), but I decided what I was really sick of...Was wall colors.

You can pretty much shove any hardwood floor in a house and match it to any wallcovering you have, but if you don't have any decent wall colors...Then what? I have, personally, downloaded a metric ton of colors for walls, but sometimes they just DON'T WORK.

I mean, I love Pooklet, and I love earthtones...But sometimes there needs to be a midway.

So I've set about a project for myself. I call it:

Home Improvement Wars

Using the colors from Lowe's Waverly by Valspar, Glidden by Home Depot, and perhaps some selections from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, I'm intent on making a massive superset of colors, in a few different styles, to hopefully match any choice of decor.

Will I succeed? Who knows! I only just started this morning, and have completely about a dozen colors out of the multiple HUNDREDS I'd like to do...

So who knows! We'll just have to wait and see where it goes~


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Floorplans are also listed with the MINIMUM lot size as a tag (width x depth). In other words, if you click on the tag "3x3", the floorplans you find will all fit on lots 3x3 or larger.

You can also tell whether or not a floorplan is designed to be built on a foundation by simply checking for the "foundation" or "no foundation" tags on the post.

For floorplans tagged with "cc recommended", there is a certain piece of custom content which we personally found invaluable to the design of the house. While not required, it's highly recommended, as major tweaking may be necessary to build upon the floorplan without it. Any recommended custom content will be listed in the post, and will be linked to where applicable.

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