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Stewart Legacy - Prologue

So. Yeah.

Disregard the preceding post, because the whole idea has been shelved until I can think of some more concrete ideas for it. xD I promise it's not gone forever, it just needs to be examined with far more scrutiny than I originally presumed.

Instead, I bring you the following!

Angst and death, for story/memory purposes; because I have no idea how to edit memories, so I had to do this manually.

I had quite the event with my game today, between having problems loading and garbled reflections in mirrors...So instead of doing a whole Gen1.1 post, I decided to do a prologue until I can purge some of the CC I'm not using.


Here we have the outside of this lovely abode I built quite some time ago. It truly does look better on the outside at night, as you can see in the title banner, but I like it either way. I tried to go modern-esque with it, without making it too much so.

This would be the upstairs living portion of the house, complete with combined seating area and kitchen. You'd be surprised how long it took to pick the colors. >:\

Here's the little bedroom off the above space (which now has a double bed that I was too lazy to photograph~).

And the itty bitty bathroom off the bedroom. Not exactly spacious, I know, but I'm hoping to discourage chatting next to the toilet while someone is trying to bathe.


To be perfectly honest, I really built this house based on the fact that this crazy nightclub-like area would be there. This is downstairs, thankfully away from the area where all the eating and sleeping will be taking place.

And the pool, outside under a porch roofed by the living area upstairs. It was rather a hassle to fit everything I wanted out there, I tell you...But as best I can tell, everything is accessible. ;]

And without further ado, our founder, Matthew Stewart~!

...Whose stats I was too braindead to get before closing the game. DX UUUGH.


So, here we have good ol' Matt's good ol' love interest, Miss Jenna. You might remember her from a few brief stints in the Laune Legacy.

After a whirlwind romance...

...Matt fails spectacularly at asking Jenna to move in. VERY NICE.

A bit more wining and dining...

And presto-chango; it worked!

Cash is always a plus, since I'm too much of a derp to pay attention to what I spend while building, and my Sims wind up lacking the funds to EAT on a regular basis. :|

Matt: Meeting you is like a dream come true; like I asked a genie for a wish and it was granted!
*choke gag vomit*
Jenna: *is indifferent*

Their romance blossomed, for a time...
For a moment, I almost regretted making Jenna into my mule take the brunt of my inability to edit memories.

And then, while holding hands at the fountain in the park...
OK, so maybe for a little more than a moment.

Our dear founder popped the question, to his success!
Wait, what? Red aspiration? Isn't that negative...?

...Though his beloved was having second thoughts. If only she heeded her own warning, for soon...
OK, the doubts have now faded. >:O

DUN DUN DUNNN. Tragedy struck.

But wait; maybe she can be saved!

Ehh, nope. She's toast.

Matt, truly, mourned her loss. After having a few good furious screaming fits at her grave, anyhow.

But perhaps all is not lost, for Serena Warden has been summoned via InSIM fallen from the sky of her own free will!

Though history could clearly be doomed to repeat itself.

YES I KNOW this post was entirely morbid, but to be perfectly honest, I thought it might be interesting to see how things would go, trying to use a founder who has loved and lost. I've never done it before (as I typically play with aging off), except for a very short amount of time with the Launes, so I'm interested to see how it affects the Sim in charge of everything.

Jenna was really the only Sim I have that I'm not attached to, to the point where I would want to play her to old age and let her die naturally. So yeah, she became the catalyst of this whole thing. Kudos to her for playing her part with enough gusto that I seriously didn't regret what I did. I mean, seriously...Why did she accept then? GEEZ.

Yes, her death was achieved with InSIM. I thought about taking away the ladder and leaving her there to her own demise, but then I was worried that Matt might dive in with the diving board and get stuck as well, and thusly putting the ladder back would give her an opportunity to climb out.

Well then, wish me luck! We'll see which Legacy I play next, eh?

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