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SimDigs - Floorplans For Sims

Everything from ranch-style houses to mansions to apartments.

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Floorplans for your Sims.
Sim Digs
Floorplans For Your Sims

Welcome to Sim Digs! Here you will find, as obviously is implied by the title and tag line, floorplans for you to integrate into you Sims neighborhoods!

As I'm unfamiliar with both the original "Sims" and with "Sims 3", I can only guarantee that these plans will be usable with "Sims 2". As I, currently, have only "The Sims: Life Stories", I CAN however guarantee that they're build-able with basegame only.

All of these floorplans are built-tested ingame, and then mapped using OpenOffice.org Calc. The plans are then printscreened and cropped in GIMP, and uploaded to Photobucket.

To Find What You're Looking For

To search this community, head over to the journal and use the tags list on the left-hand side to navigate to the type of floorplan you're looking for. More detailed instructions can be found just above said tag list.

Some Rules You MUST Follow

01.) You MAY NOT claim these floorplans as your own work in any way, shape, or form; not even if you alter them.
02.) You absolutely MAY NOT build and upload these floorplans as lots to ANY site, whether it be pay or free.
03.) Altering the plans and THEN posting them as lots is ALSO NOT PERMITTED.
04.) Don't ask me to build these for you. I see no sense in doing that, as they're meant more as guidelines rather than actual lots.
05.) You can ask for additional screenshots, but I can't guarantee the house is still in existence in my game.
06.) Feel free to ask for clarification on something you don't understand on the plans, but please do so in a comment attached to the plan your question is related to.

I do not own "The Sims" or any derivative thereof. It and all spin-offs are copyright their respective owners.